Auto Glass Repair

Stone chips or Auto glass repair is the key method of prolonging the life of your glass.The chip is drilled at the exact spot of impact known as the impact point into the middle layer of the glass. Then an injector is placed on top and the liquid glass resin is injected to fill the stone chip. The result is the strength of the glass is returned and this leads to having less chance of spreading. The auto glass repair doesn't always make the stone chip disappear. 

The impact point will always be visible but minimized. In some cases the stone chip does disappear but because glass cracks differently each time it is hard to predict where the liquid will go once injected.  But even if your stone chip is still visible the resin inside is holding the crack and preventing the spread.  

Quick temperature changes on the auto glass may cuase a stone chip to spread. Customers are to take precaution in the harsh Canadian winters we get in Toronto. 

Stone chips are $50 dollars or FREE if you use your insurance.  Your insurance company will wave your deductible in auto glass repair cases so don't worry about that. All you have to do is call us and we will handle the rest. In some cases your insurance company may ask to speak to you while your auto glass is being repaired. You will be notified.

Below are some visiual's of the main types of auto glass stone chips.  

Auto glass repair

Combined Star with Bullseye Stone chip. The safest to repair and longest lasting.

Autoglass crack

Cracked type of stone chip. Dangerous to fix may spread while drilling.


Bullseye Stone Chip should disappear the best and is the best type.

starchip autoglass stone chip

Star shaped stone chip, may spread over time and may remain visible even after repaired.

cracked glass

Shattered and must be replaced.

Repairing windshield

Stone chip repair injector to inject the liquid glass into the stone chip at high pressures.