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Windshield Replacement

At the Autoglass Shop we will make sure your Windshield Replacement is seemless and a stress free experience. Our competitive pricing, certified technicians, and OEM auto glass make us the clear choice.  Replacing your auto glass windshield will take a little over one hour depending on the make and model.  The sealant used exceed's OEM specific grade sealants and ensures a strong bond between the glass and the frame.  

If your crack is larger then a quater you will have to replace the windshield.  It can not be repaired. If the crack is on the black boarder's but is small it still must be replaced.  The black boarder is where the urethane goes and repairs in this area will cause the sun's UV light to reach the seal which will weaken it over time.  This is dangerous and our technicians will tell you before hand that it can not be repaired.  Replacement windshields prices vary dependant on brand, and features.  Rain sensors, heated wiper area, lane departure camera's in the glass all effect the price.  Please call us with the exact details so we can accurately quote you the correct prices.  

If you desire a specific brand contact us and request your favourite glass and we will do a special order for you if we do not have it in stock.  

We service the greater Toronto area and do mobile windshield replacements if need be for only an additional $75 dollar mobile fee.  We must charge this because we have to send 2 technicians additional costs of fuel and service call.

If you are very close by to our shop we can do a pick up drop off service.  Where an autoglass technician will come and pick up your car and bring it back to the shop for the windshield replacement.  Then drive it back to your work for no charge if the drive is less then 10 minutes in traffic.